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The Global Guardians //    2020//    Duration: 4 min//    Dir/DoP: Marc Meier//  

LIVING AND RESISTING IN SWEETSWAY ESTATE//    2015//    Duration: 20min//    Dir/DoP: Marc Meier//  

As speculators queue to loot the one way bet that is the London property market, protesters mount a quixotic defence against inner-city gentrification. Activists occupy Sweets Way, one of the city's few surviving examples of affordable social housing. Now scheduled for demolition and redevelopment into luxury apartments, all but one of its residents has left. Only Mostafa Aliverdipour remains, a disabled man who holds out for guarantees that his new accommodation will be wheelchair-friendly. When a court order for the final eviction comes through, squatters and activists join Mostafa and his sons to mount a final defence against bailiffs and police.

SAMIR IN THE SAWDUST//    2014//    Duration: 12min//    Dir/DoP: Marc Meier//  

Samir started competing in "Schwingen", the traditional form of wrestling in Switzerland, from an early age. From the start he was quite successful and in 2013 he managed to wrestle his way into the most renowned tournament, where he injured himself badly. Now in 2014 he's trying to earn titles again but will his injury let him?

AHMED - A PORTRAIT//    2014//    Duration: 3min//    Dir/DoP: Marc Meier//  

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